Digital Democracy: The Uses and Misuse of Technology in Unequal Societies

Fall 2021 GPOD Grant Recipient

Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner (Politics & Global Studies), David Nemer (Media Studies), Siva Vaidhyanathan (Media Studies), and Sayan Banerjee (Deliberative Media Lab)

This interdisciplinary and collaborative research program is dedicated to the study of digital technologies and their consequences for local democracy. Through research and community partnerships in three large, diverse, federal democracies – India, Brazil, and the United States – we ask: how can the power of the digital age be harnessed to promote greater equality, voice, and representation in contexts marked by rising political polarization and social inequality? The program is centered around three interconnected strands of research on (1) social media, intergroup relations, and public opinion; (2) misinformation, trust, and local media; and (3) community media, participation, and accountability.