Fall 2015 Grant Recipient


Margo Smith (Kluge-Ruhe Museum) This project brings scholars and museum professionals together with Indigenous knowledge holders from

Nomi Dave, Assistant Professor (Critical & Comparative Studies) and Rachel Wahl, Assistant Professor (Curry)

Fall 2019 Grant Recipient

Mona Kasra (Art) and Luke Dahl (Music & Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Fall 2016 Grant Recipient


Matthew Burtner (Music) The Global Ecoacoustics Project is a collaborative global initiative between the University of Virginia, and i

Spring 2014 Grant Recipient


Lise Dobrin (Anthropology) Jacob Sonin, a native speaker elder from an Arapesh village in Papua New Guinea, came to UVa for a ten-we

Sarah Milov (History)

Spring 2024 GGR Recipient

Emmy Monaghan (Art)

2023 GIG Recipient

Lise M. Dobrin (Anthropology)

Fall 2023 Center Grant Recipient

Margo Smith (Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection)

Frederick H. Damon, Professor (Anthropology) and Cong (Ellen) Zhang, Associate Professor (History)