GPOD Grant

Fall 2017 GPOD Grant Recipient

Gaurav Giri and Balashankar Mulloth (Chemical Engineering and Public Policy)
The air pollution in Nepal and specificall

Fall 2021 GPOD Grant Recipient

Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner (Politics & Global Studies), David Nemer (Media Studies), Siva Vaidhyanathan (Media Studies), and Sa

Spring 2023 GPOD Recipient

Jennie Chiu (Education)

Fall 2022 GPOD Recipient 

Jennifer Chiu (School of Education and Human Development, UVA)

Camilo Vieira Mejía (Universidad del Norte, Colombia)

Spring 2021 GPOD Grant Recipient

Aswin Punathambekar (Media Studies) and Eli Carter (Spanish, Italian & Portuguese)

Fall 2020 GPOD Grant Recipient

Sheetal Sekhri (Economics), Amalia Miller (Economics), Sarah Ratcliffe (Medicine), and David Evans (Engineering)

Spring 2023 GPOD Recipients

Phoebe Crisman (Architecture/Global Environments + Sustainability); David Edmunds (Global Development Studies); Howard Epstein (Environmental Sciences); Lo

Spring 2022 GPOD Grant Recipient

Hudson Golino (Psychology) and Mariana Teles (Psychology)

Fall 2021 GPOD Grant Recipient

Sally E. Pusede (Environmental Sciences)

Spring 2021 GPOD Grant Recipient

Nomi Dave (Music), Anne Coughlin (Law), Bremen Donovan (Anthropology), Bonnie Gordon (Music), and Liezl Vergara (Anthropology)

Nancy Takahashi, Distinguished Lecturer (Landscape Architecture) and Guoping Huang, Assistant Professor (Urban and Environmental Planning)

Christopher Moore, Associate Professor (Medicine, Infectious Diseases and International Health)