Center Grants (CG)

CGs seek to advance CGII’s mission in three ways: (i) to promote the creation of working groups of colleagues, at UVa and beyond, to take up new, significant research questions in interdisciplinary collaboration; (ii) to promote scholarly gatherings that can help frame novel questions, or reframe old ones in light of new circumstances; (iii) to help fund globally-oriented individual research.


Proposals should be submitted to Tim Troy (tmt8w) as a single PDF via email.

Award Cycle: Spring and Fall of each academic year

Grant size ($): up to 15,000 ($2,500 limit for individual research)

Total funding available each cycle ($): 75,000 (twice yearly)

Deadline for application (Spring): October 20, 2023, by no later than 4 pm EST


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Mission: The mission of the Center for Global Inquiry + Innovation (CGII) is to stimulate researching in all fields (Arts, Humanities, STEM) addressing problems and challenges of global scale, scope, concern, perspective, and impact. It aims to expand the compass and range of disciplinary commitments and possibilities, and seeks to promote collaboration among UVa colleagues and with colleagues beyond UVa and outside the U.S.


Proposals will be evaluated by the CGII grants committee.

Eligibility: All full-time faculty may apply for categories 1, 2, 3 below.


  1. Collaborative working groups. This involves proposals to help establish working groups/labs addressing global questions. Proposals should involve three or more colleagues from two or more disciplines. It is especially desirable for collaboration to involve work across school or unit lines.
  2. Intellectual gatherings. These may involve symposia, conferences, seminar series, or invitations aiming to address a particular intellectual challenge in novel ways and which may be the point of departure for establishing a more durable institutional presence. The Center is not inclined to fund conferences that are routine field or professional gatherings.
  3. Individual faculty research. The Center encourages applications for individual research with a global emphasis for up to $2,500.
  4. If you can think of something we have not that would advance CGII’s mission, we welcome the idea. Please be in touch with Brian Owensby (director) if you'd like to discuss an idea.


How to apply: Proposals should be a single document not exceeding three pages (excluding CVs), and should include the following:

  • Name of PI and all co-participants, with school/unit and departmental affiliations.

  • Title of Project. Total amount requested.

  • Proposed activity and research/inquiry significance.

  • Narrative of proposed use of funds (be specific).

  • Description of submitters’ contributions.

  • Timeline of proposed activity.

  • Statement of outcome (e.g., publication, outside grant proposal, performance/exhibition/installation, policy report or recommendation, creation of research tool) with time of expected realization.

  • Statement of how proposed activity will advance CGII’s mission.

  • Statement of IRB status.

  • Statement of co-funders, if any.

  • Budget and narrative, including a clear statement of how the project could go forward with less.

  • 1-2 page CV for PI.


If awarded, in your email accepting the award, please indicate an account into which funds should be transferred and a contact person (i.e. fiscal administrator) who can work with Tim Troy to effect the transfer. Contact personnel must provide mandatory worktags for the account into which funds should be transferred, which includes a Cost Center, Program and/or Activity, and Assignee Number worktag.