Spring 2023 Center Grant Recipient

Geoffrey M. Geise (Chemical Engineering)

Fall 2017 GPOD Grant Recipient

Gaurav Giri and Balashankar Mulloth (Chemical Engineering and Public Policy)
The air pollution in Nepal and specificall

Fall 2017 Grant Recipient


Toluwalogo Odumosu (Engineering and Society) Workshop: STS Africa is a workshop that will highlight and address the structural challen

Fall 2018 Grant Recipient

Sharon Tsai-hsuan Ku (Engineering & Society) and Brantly Womack (Politics)

Fall 2020 GPOD Grant Recipient

Sheetal Sekhri (Economics), Amalia Miller (Economics), Sarah Ratcliffe (Medicine), and David Evans (Engineering)

Gary Koenig, Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering)

Fall 2017 Grant Recipient


Sharon Tsai-hsuan Ku (Engineering & Society) This project aims to develop a global classroom through a teaching collaboration betw

Fall 2014 Grant Recipient


Andres Clarens (Engineering) Argentina has the second largest shale gas reserve in the world and the environmental costs and benefits