Graduate Global Research (GGR)

Graduate students in any school engaged in global research may apply for funds to defray expenses for travel, tools, or anything else that can advance research agendas. This fund will support research that is global or transnational in nature, across disciplines.


Proposals should be submitted to Tim Troy (tmt8w) as a single PDF via email. Please title your application as follows: "last name, first name_GGR_Fall/Spring Year."


Deadline (spring): March 15, 2024, by no later than 4 pm EST

Grant size: up to $1,500 per student

Total funding available for the spring of 2024: up to $15,000


How to apply: Please submit a two-page proposal with

  • Your name.
  • School/unit and departmental affiliations.

  • Status of your progress through your program.

  • Name of adviser.

  • Title of the project.

  • Narrative of the project and proposed use of funds with itemized budget.

  • Timeline of the activity proposed.

  • If applicable, a statement of IRB status.

Please include a CV with your proposal.