Fall 2015 Grant Recipient


Mila Versteeg (Law), Kevin L. Cope (Law),James Loeffler(History),Michael J.

Fall 2023 GGR Recipient

Jeronimo Lau Alberdi (Law)

Fall 2021 Grant Recipient

Steve Parks (English), Nelson Camilo Sánchez León (Law), T.

Spring 2021 GPOD Grant Recipient

Nomi Dave (Music), Anne Coughlin (Law), Bremen Donovan (Anthropology), Bonnie Gordon (Music), and Liezl Vergara (Anthropology)

Spring 2024 GGR Recipient

Alexis Ramirez (School of Law)

Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl, Assistant Professor of Politics, and Deena Hurwitz, Professor of Law, developed the opportunity for several undergraduates to serve as resea