Walter Mignolo, Keynote Speaker for "Latin American Studies: Past, Present, Future

Fall 2015 Grant Recipient


Allison Bigelow (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese) On 13-14 October, 2016, the Program in Latin American Studies will host a symposium to examine the relationship between global and area studies scholarship. "Latin American Studies: Past, Present, Future" will welcome leading scholars from a variety of fields in the humanities and social sciences to discuss connections between and among Africana, Asian, and Latin/American Studies. In this way, we hope to better understand conceptual frameworks like the Global South and global studies as they overlap and diverge from models of area and ethnic studies. With generous support from the Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation, professor Walter Mignolo (Duke University) will deliver the keynote address on 13 October, articulating the larger intellectual stakes of the two-day conversation.