From Great Wall to New Silk Road: Global Innovation, Sustainability and International Standardization in US-China Relations

Fall 2018 Grant Recipient

Sharon Tsai-hsuan Ku (Engineering & Society) and Brantly Womack (Politics)

This project will create an interdisciplinary and international research-education working group constituted by educators from universities, industry and NGO in US and China, to develop a multi-sited study that address the tangled geopolitics of innovation, sustainability and standardization of smart cities in the US-China context. Three global classrooms will also be created to facilitate collaborative teaching and multi-sited learning. Having the global classroom as both an education tool and a research subject is essential not only to facilitate faculty’s and students’ cross-cultural communication, but also to stimulate innovative research inquires, creative pedagogies, as well as reflective thinking toward global engineering studies/ engineering education in facing US-China tech & trade competition.