A feminist approach to the translation of Jardín Transparente

Spring 2022 FGRU Recipient

Nieves García Prados (Spanish, Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese)

With the passion that is sparked by a fresh perspective when the reader discovers a luminous but resounding poetry, the undergraduate student, Mary-Dryden Maio translates into English the first book of poetry, Jardín Transparente (Transparent Garden), by the Ecuadorian poet Camila Peña. The translation is directed, coordinated, and supervised by Nieves Garcia Prado, faculty in the Department of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese. In this project Ms. Maio puts to use the practice of so-called Cultural translation, in which ideas, systems, levels of discourse, text types, and languages are constantly being transferred from one culture to the other. Thanks to this grant, the student has had the opportunity to meet the author and will organize a public presentation of the translation with the participation of the poet at UVA during the Fall semester 2022.