Comprehending Intricate Refugee Movements: A Precursor to Humanitarian Design and Planning

Fall 2023 Center Grant Recipients

Earl Mark (Architecture)
Dimitris Papanikolaou (
Architecture, National Technical University of Athens)
Eva Papatzani (
Research Associate & Co-Principal Investigator, Centre for Social Research, Athens)

This research integrates several methods to comprehend the movements of forcibly displaced people in Athens, Greece, and neighboring areas. Their well-being depends on access to employment, green spaces, and cultural hubs. Analyzing their movements over time is crucial for designing accommodations effectively. However, conventional surveys pose ethical risks to privacy, potentially subjecting individuals to tightened scrutiny or expulsion. Prior to data collection, the project explores alternative approaches to mitigate these risks. It integrates existing ethnographic research with simulated data projection for an independent review, aiming to strike a balance between comprehensive understanding and ethical considerations in planning for displaced people.