Belarusian human rights activist Volya Vysotskaia, Karsh Institute Practitioner Fellow and Serbian political activist Srdja Popovic, and UVA English professor and activist Steve Parks discuss their

UVA PhD student Beatriz Silva Da Costa talks about procurements and corruption in Brazil.

UVA Music PhD student Molly Joyce chats with us about her multimedia project "Left and Right: exploring myths of the left side through dance, music, and disability" and her plans for the future.

UVA Psychology Professor Hudson Golino discusses his recent collaborative project with Professor Mariana Teles "New Tools to Study and Prevent Online Mass Manipulation."

UVA English professor Steve Parks talks to UVA Global about how his interaction with activists and advocates has changed his academic work and what he and UVA's Democratic Futures Project plan to d

UVA Professor of Art and Archaeology Anastasia Dakouri-Hild talks with UVA Global's Emily Mellen about her comprehensive archaeological survey project in Afidnes, Greece.


“Sometimes you surprise people into being better than they are.”

Laura and Anna, half-sisters, plan a grand net stretch

UVA PhD Candidate Josué Godoy talks with UVA Global's Emily Mellen about his project on Indigenous activism in Colombia during the 1970s.

UVA Professors Jack Chen and Daniel Willingham recently presented about their CGII funded research in early October and spoke to UVA Global's Emily Mellen for a podcast about their work on reading.

Fulbright Scholar Talks About Nursing Identity in Filipino American History

Conversation with graduate students on their research on music and education in Greece

In Fall 2021, Center for Global Inquiry + Innovation in the Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs announced a new round of grants to support global research for faculty and graduate student

Past GPOD grant winner speaks on NSF grant, collaborating with Indigenous communities, and Arctic sustainability

A Converation with Aswin Punathembekar and Eli Carter about their Global Media Collaboratory

UVA Global interviewed CGII grant winner Tayyab Safdar on his work on China's Belt and Road Initiative.