Spring 2015 Grant Recipient Faculty Leena Cho and Matthew Jull (Architecture) The CGII grant will fund a traveling design studio, "ADG / Svalbard Studio", organized by the Arctic Design Gr

ADG/Svalbard Studio is a pilot travelling studio offered by the Arctic Design Group, led by professors Matthew Jull (Architecture) and

Spring 2021 Grant Recipient

M. Tayyab Safdar (Politics) and Dorothy C. Wong (Art History)

Fall 2022 GGR Recipient

Juliana Jiranek (Biology)

Spring 2017 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Meredith Blake (Architecture) Part of acknowledging the new epoch we live in, the Anthropocene, requires we redefine our po

Summer 2020 Grant Recipient

Matthew Burtner (Music) and Willis Jenkins (Religious Studies)

Fall 2017 GPOD Grant Recipient

Gaurav Giri and Balashankar Mulloth (Chemical Engineering and Public Policy)
The air pollution in Nepal and specificall

Matthew Burtner, Professor of Music, invited undergraduate students in his Spring 2015 MUSI 3400 course to participate in the EcoAcoustics STAGE (Sonic Thought and Action for Globa

Fall 2015 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Tom Bliska (Architecture) This grant funding will allow for critical diagramming and comparative graphic analysis between Tok

Fall 2022 FGRU Recipient

Charlotte Rogers (Lisa Smith Discovery Chair, Associate Professor of Spanish, Convener in Environmental Humanities) 

Fall 2016 Grant Recipient


Hank Shugart (Environmental Sciences) The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program will enhance Dr. Natasha S.

Saad Quasem, PhD Candidate (Anthropology)

Deborah Lawrence, Professor of Environmental Science, will include an undergraduate student in an ongoing research project between UVa and the Center for International Forestry Res

Fall 2015 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Spring Braccia-Beck(Architecture) This research addresses the current crisis of rising mental health issues among st

Gary Koenig, Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering)

Fall 2014 Grant Recipient


Vivian Thomson (Environmental Science) As part of an ongoing teaching and research collaboration on energy and climate issues between

This project, led byEsther Lorenz(Assistant Professor, Architecture), willconduct design research with a strong empirical component by engaging students in a cinematic

Fall 2022 CG Grant Recipient

Mona El Khafif (School of Architecture)

Spring 2016 Grant Recipient


Andrew Mondschein (Urban and Enviromental Planning, Architecture) This study investigates the role of nature in urban walking, exami

Fall 2021 GPOD Grant Recipient

Sally E. Pusede (Environmental Sciences)

Fall 2022 GGR Recipient

Theodore Teichman (Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture)

Fall 2022 GGR Recipient

William Shivers (Constructed Environment, School of Architecture)

Spring 2015 Grant Recipient


Nancy Takahashi (Architecture) Focusing on the complex interwoven forces of sea level rise and rapid urbanization impacting coastal