Building Capacity to Scale-up Violence Prevention in Mexican Elementary and Middle Schools

Fall 2023 GPOD Recipients

Catherine Bradshaw, Ph.D. (EHD, Department of Human Services)
Amanda Nguyen, Ph.D. (EHD, Department of Human Services)
Mercedes Gabriela Orozco Solis, Ph.D. (University of Guadalajara, Mexico)


This project aims to address growing concerns about school safety, youth violence, and mental health in Mexico by adapting and implementing the evidence-based Coping Power Program (Lochman & Wells, 2002) for high quality implementation in Mexican upper elementary and middle schools in partnership with practitioners and educators in Guadalajara, Mexico. This project will also build the capacity of UVA / University of Guadalajara partnership to conduct school violence prevention and implementation research. In addition to the focused work in this program and its adaptation for Mexican schools, our team plans to build UVA and University of Guadalajara trainees’ capacity for collaborative cross-national violence prevention research while partnering to secure additional external funding for subsequent research on violence prevention programming in Mexican schools.