Spring 2021 Grant Recipient

M. Tayyab Safdar (Politics) and Dorothy C. Wong (Art History)

Fall 2022 GGR Recipient

Yen-Yu Lin (Sociology)

Fall 2021 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Yen-Yu Lin (Sociology) “Colorism” — the institutionalized hierarchy which privileges white or light ski

Spring 2021 Grant Recipient

Stella Mattioli (Spanish, Italian & Portuguese)

Spring 2024 Center Grant Recipient

Elizabeth Gorman (Sociology)

Fall 2022 GGR Recipient

Su Yeone Jeon (Sociology)

Fall 2019 Grant Recipient

Jennifer Bair (Sociology), Richard Handler (Anthropology), and Yingyao Wang (Sociology)

Fall 2022 GGR Recipient

Lana Hye-Joe Park (Sociology)