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Project | 2024

Funding the Crisis in Ukraine Against the Russian Invasion

My research examines how since Russia invaded Ukraine the European Union has budgeted and provided critical financial support from both the supranational EU level and the EU’s twenty-seven member states to aid President Zelensky and the Ukrainians.
Project | 2024

Inscribing Muslim Women’s Body Spaces

My research project explores the artistic and cultural manifestations in which contemporary Muslim women define their body space to defy internal, traditional restrictions and external, orientalist Western gazes.
Project | 2023

Afro-Turks and the Modern Middle East

My project examines the experience of “Afro-Turks” in the late Ottoman and early Turkish republican periods. This project will frame these experiences within the context of race, migration, displacement, and the formation of nation-states in the wake of WWI.
Project | 2023

Brookes (Revisited)

Brookes (Revisited) is the first design exhibition to accurately visualize the iconic 1788 drawing “Stowage of the British Slave Ship Brookes under the Regulated Slave Trade Act of 1788,” created by abolitionists and politicians using architectural techniques.