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Project | 2023

Migrant Nahua Futurisms

This project develops new visions for futurities directly informed from Nahua multidimensionality concepts of time traveling and re-envisioning futuristic indigenous migrant resiliency.
Project | 2023

Picturing Fabrics: Textile and the Photographic Image

Moving beyond the primacy of the optical, reproducibility and “surfacism” in understanding photography (Pinney, 2003), the exhibition will offer new vantage points to approach the medium making visible the haptic, gendered, material and decolonial dimensions of photographs. 
Project | 2023

The Right to Opacity

My book offers a critique of this ideal of transparency by turning to a global collection of African and African diasporic writers who reimagined ideals of ethical and equitable relations by revaluing opacity, nebulosity, unreadability, and the non-revelatory in their novels, poetry, and art.