FGRU Grant

ADG/Svalbard Studio is a pilot travelling studio offered by the Arctic Design Group, led by professors Matthew Jull (Architecture) and

Spring 2022 FGRU Recipient

Amanda Nguyen (Education and Human Development)

Schaeffer Somers, Lecturer in Architecture and Public Health Sciences, is directing a Faculty-Student Global Research project with 4thyear students,Harsheen Kaur

This project explores the understudied Janowska concentration camp and the Holocaust in Lviv, Ukraine.

Matthew Burtner, Professor of Music, invited undergraduate students in his Spring 2015 MUSI 3400 course to participate in the EcoAcoustics STAGE (Sonic Thought and Action for Globa

Fall 2022 FGRU Recipient

Vanessa Guerra (School of Architecture)

Jeanine Braithwaite, Professor of Public Policy (Batten)

Deborah Lawrence, Professor of Environmental Science, will include an undergraduate student in an ongoing research project between UVa and the Center for International Forestry Res

This project, led byEsther Lorenz(Assistant Professor, Architecture), willconduct design research with a strong empirical component by engaging students in a cinematic

In 1620, Manuel Gayt√°n de Torres left Jerez de la Frontera to survey Venezuelan copper mines.

This project will examine the production, distribution, and consumption of Brazilian television fiction since 2011, when then President Dilma Rousseff signed into law Lei 12.485/11.

This project will partner four UVa undergraduates with four Haitian university students in conducting a community-based ethnographic research project in Jacmel, Haiti, during summer 2018.

Rupa Valdez, Assistant Professor in the Division of Biomedical Informatics, in the Department of Public Health Sciences, andDavid Edmunds, Director of the Global D

Quantitative household survey data will be triangulated with new anthropological qualitative research in a mixed-methods study of poverty/wealth, health, and traditional healers.Jeanine Bra

Phoebe Crisman's(Associate Professor/ Director, Global Studies-Environment + Sustainability) Spaces of Diplomacy seminar will bring together diverse UVa faculty, students, and gues

2022 FGRU

Kyle Schumann and Katie MacDonald (Architecture)

Fall 2023 FGRU Recipient

Lauren Austin McQuistion (Architecture)

Anastasia Dakouri-Hild, Associate Professor (Aegean and Near Eastern Archaeology)

Spring 2023 FGRU Grant Recipient

Kathryn Quissell (Medicine)

Spring 2023 FGRU Grant Recipient

Spencer Phillips (Global Studies)

Fall 2023 FGRU Recipient

Thomas Koberda (Mathematics)

ProfessorVivian Thomsonand University of S√£o Paulo (USP) faculty colleagues will work with two Environmental Thought and Practice majors and selected USP students on a Waste Initi

Spring 2024 FGRU Recipient

Andrés Clarens (Engineering)