María Esparza Rodríguez, PhD Candidate (Spanish, Italian & Portuguese)

Fall 2019 Grant Recipient

Nizar F. Hermes (Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages & Cultures)

Fall 2019 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Jeremy Sorgen (Religious Studies)

Herman Mark Schwartz, Professor (Politics) publishes article in the Review of International Political Economy, May 27, 2019: American h

Dorothy Wong, Professor of Art and Director, East Asia Center

Fall 2019 Grant Recipient

Jessica Ann Levy (History)

A three-day festival of documentaries from India, accompanied by discussions to encourage building communities of conversation across schools, departments and the Charlottesville

Fall 2019 Grant Recipient

Katia Dianina (Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Fall 2019 Grant Recipient

Chad R. Diehl (History)

Nomi Dave, Assistant Professor (Critical & Comparative Studies) and Rachel Wahl, Assistant Professor (Curry)

Jeanine Braithwaite, Professor of Public Policy (Batten)

Saad Quasem, PhD Candidate (Anthropology)

CGII supports UVA’s Global Studies program, a collection of interdisciplinary, globally-themed majors.

Gary Koenig, Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering)

Taryn Wiens, Master's Candidate (Landscape Architecture)

Nicole Bonino, PhD Candidate (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese)

Sarah Milov (History)

David Edmunds, Track Director (Global Development Studies)

Alison Posey, PhD Candidate (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese)

"Sharing One Sky: SDSS, APOGEE and Astronomy Outreach" focused on bilingual STEM education and outreach, and was held in Santiago, Chile.

Joanne Britland, PhD Candidate (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)

Frederick H. Damon, Professor (Anthropology) and Cong (Ellen) Zhang, Associate Professor (History)