Global Initiative Grants


GIGs fund time-sensitive proposals that fall out of the regular cycle for CGII Grants (Center Grants and G-PODs). Proposals that can be submitted to meet an upcoming CGII deadline, or reasonably could have been submitted for a past deadline are not eligible. Proposals will be evaluated by members of the CGII grants committee.

The submission proposal is in two steps: (1) send an email to Brian Owensby (bpo3a) explaining the need for out-of-cylce consideration; (2) proposals should be submitted to Tim Troy (tmt8w) as a single PDF via email. Please title your application as follows: "last name, first name_GIG_Fall/Spring Year."

How to Apply

  • Award Cycle: Rolling
  • Grant size ($): up to 7,500
  • Total funding available over academic year: up to $30,000

Proposals may be for research collaborations, or intellectual gatherings (symposia, conferences, seminars, invitations) which, for whatever reason, could not be submitted in-cycle.

Eligibility: All full-time faculty may apply. Proposals must involve two or more UVa colleagues from different disciplines, schools, or units.

Step 1: Because GIGs are for emerging issues that do not fit into the CGII grant cycle, the application process starts with an e-mail explaining the need for out-of-cycle consideration.

Please address this e-mail to Brian Owensby (bpo3a).

Step 2: Once step 1 has been resolved, proposals should be a single document not exceeding two pages (excepting CVs), and should include the following:

  • Name of submitter(s) with school/unit and departmental affiliations.
  • Title and 100-word description of project.
  • One-page statement including:
    • proposed research/inquiry
    • description of submitters’ contributions
    • description of proposed use of funds (e.g., travel, equipment, gathering)
    • timeline of proposed activity
    • statement of outcome (e.g., publication, gathering, outside grant proposal, performance, exhibition, policy report or recommendation, creation of a research tool) with time of expected realization
  • Statement of how the proposed activity will advance CGII’s global mission.
  • Statement of IRB status, if relevant. Researchers are responsible for ensuring compliance with IRB and should check with the IRB if in any doubt.
  • Statement that PIs are familiar with all relevant university policies and procedures central to carrying out the research agenda, including contracts with third-parties if they should be necessary.
  • Statement of co-funders, if any. A demonstration of other support is especially important.
  • Budget and narrative, including a clear statement of how the project could go forward with less.
  • Two-page CV for each participant.

Proposals should be emailed to CGII as a single PDF at

If awarded, in your email accepting the award, please indicate an account into which funds should be transferred and a contact person (i.e. fiscal administrator) who can work with Tim Troy to effect the transfer. Contact personnel must provide mandatory worktags for the account into which funds should be transferred, which includes a Cost Center, Program and/or Activity, and Assignee Number worktag. 

Submit Your Application Via Email

Applications must be submitted following the instructions above and as a single PDF.

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