Yamuna River Project Symposium

Yamuna River Project Symposium
Wednesday, March 30, 2016, Noon-4 pm

Thursday, March 31st 12:00pm – 4:00pm @ OpenGrounds on the Corner

Guests from Delhi: Rajendra Bhardwaj (Central Pollution Control Board, National Government of India) Pradip Saha (Damage Control Consultancy; Centre of Science and Environment) UVa Colleagues: Iñaki Alday-Sanz (Architecture) Dan Ehnbom (Art History) Rana Ganguly (UVA CAS, Dean’s Office) Gerald Learmonth (Batten) Winston Lung (Engineering) Bala Mulloth (Batten) Matt Reidenbach/Justin Safarik (Environmental Science)

Yamuna River Project International Symposium/Workshop
The Yamuna is one of India’s most important rivers, ecologically, spiritually and economically. The portion of it that runs through Delhi is heavily contaminated with industrial effluents and sewage. Hidden from view, its floodplain is the home to whole communities of Delhi’s poorest. At the same time, the river itself has enormous sacred importance for millions of Indians. YRP’s goal is for UVA and Indian colleagues to consider how the river might be recovered and rethought as an axis of Delhi’s life.

If you plan on attending the event, please RSVP to Caroline Dionne (ced3sa@virginia.edu) by email.

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