Update on how UVa’s Covid-19 response will affect CGII applicants and awardees.


This is an update on how UVa’s Covid-19 response will affect CGII applicants and awardees.

All CGII-funded research is bound by the principles put forth by the Provost Magill on March 18, 2020, available here. Please familiarize yourself with them.

Applicants. During this time of flux we have decided to push the deadline for submissions for the spring Center Grant round to April 1. Previously-mentioned restrictions regarding travel will apply to all applications. The same restrictions continue to apply to all rolling grants (FGRUs and GIGs). I cannot anticipate what changes will come down the pike next.

  • All foreign travel has been prohibited. Non-essential University domestic travel has been strongly discouraged. Please hold any submissions that involve travel abroad or domestic travel until for the fall grant cycle. We are being exhorted to practice social-distancing. If your research involves face-to-face contact with subjects or interlocutors, please postpone it to fall.

Recent Awardees. Please ensure that you do not spend any part of your award on prohibited research activity (e.g., travel, face-to-face encounters that would violate social-distancing, etc.)

  • I am happy to discuss changes to funded research agendas that would bring them within current guidelines (e.g., remote interviews/interactions for in-person ones; different ways of generating data, etc.). Please contact me directly (bpo3a@virginia.edu) if you’d like to discuss possibilities.

  • I am working with the provost’s office to ensure funding continuity across the FY for awardees unable to spend now because of recent travel and other restrictions. I hope to have more on this soon.

Thanks for your understanding and patience. Please take care of yourselves and one another.