Uniting Ecosystem Futures: Muni Lagoon and Winneba Ghana

Nancy Takahashi, Distinguished Lecturer (Landscape Architecture) and Guoping Huang, Assistant Professor (Urban and Environmental Planning)

We are an interdisciplinary, international collaboration of leaders/ stakeholders from Winneba Ghana and UVa addressing environmental challenges facing West African coastal cities and wetlands. We seek to map the future of Muni-Pomadze Lagoon and adjoining city Winneba, known for its fishing industry, teachers university, and rich heritage. Muni Lagoon has enjoyed protection as home of traditional gods and as a Ramsar-recognized site, but faces ever-increasing pressures of encroachment, environmentally unsustainable practices, and now climate change.  Our Lagoon Futures project is an urgent call for a restoration/ management plan to re-shape Muni’s future-- environmentally, culturally and economically-- linked to Winneba’s prosperity.