Spaces of Diplomacy

Phoebe Crisman's(Associate Professor/ Director, Global Studies-Environment + Sustainability) Spaces of Diplomacy seminar will bring together diverse UVa faculty, students, and guests to investigate the role of spatiality in global diplomacy. Participants will explore how the physical design of an embassy and its landscape might play a more active role in diplomacy by relating to the cultural and climatic context of a place, and symbolizing and promoting democracy and American values. How can US embassies contribute to the civic life of host cities and convey a sense of openness in the midst of increasing fear, risk, and intense security demands? Parallel with Crisman's Fall 2016 Design for Diplomacy Studio, UVa scholars will contribute to the US State Department's Diplomacy Lab by rethinking the relationship between our global ambitions and the consular buildings and landscapes that embody them around the globe.