Southeastern Conference for the Association of Asian Studies

Fall 2014 Grant Recipient


Charles Laughlin (East Asian Studies)

The Southeastern Conference of the Association for Asian Studies is a major academic event in Asian Studies, which includes East Asia (including Tibet), South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia. Under the auspices of the Association for Asian Studies, one of the largest academic associations in the world, eleven regional AAS annual meetings are held throughout the world, primarily in the US. The Southeastern Conference of the AAS has met annually since 1962, and has tripled in size from 60 to nearly 200 members, making it one of the largest AAS regional conferences. Students and scholars of Asian subjects including the social sciences and humanities as well as professional schools are all welcome, and the Association has grown more lively and robust as Asian studies has recently experienced rapid growth in the Southeastern Region of the US. UVA has been a leader of Asian studies in the region, and has hosted the Southeastern Conference twice before, in 1976 and 1998. The conference will include approximately 150 participants (30 from UVA) in 40 panels covering topics from literature and the arts to anthropology, history, politics, and law, relating to many cultures of Asia, some of which, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Mongolia are relatively under-studied at the University.