Social Differentiation in Minoan Crete: A Zooarchaeological Approach to Regional and Temporal Variation

Spring 2018 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Ekaterina Sevastakis (Anthropology) In my proposed project, I will investigate the different modes of interaction concerning humans, animals, and animal iconography across the sociopolitical and ideological realms of Minoan Crete, specifically the transition from the Early to Middle Minoan Periods. I argue that zooarchaeology offers a unique lens into Minoan society, as animals are both ubiquitous across the landscape, and yet also powerful symbols in a variety of social arenas. I hope to identify ways that animals and animal iconography were used to express social inequalities, specifically through the changing management of animal resources, the hosting of feasting events, and the use of prestige objects or iconography that utilized animals.