The Siren Project: Women’s Voice in Literature and the Visual Arts

Spring 2022 Grant Recipient

Giulio Celotto (Classics), Francesca Calamita (Spanish, Italian & Portuguese), and Giulia Paoletti (Art)

“The Siren Project” aims at reflecting on the representation and the role of women’s voice in literature and the visual arts through time and geographies. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, we firmly believe that it is urgent to create a platform to host rigorous and open discussions on women’s ability to speak up and make their voice heard. We wish to promote the idea that women should transform themselves from “Sirens,” whose voices are deliberately ignored or silenced, into “sirens,” whose shouts can draw the attention to pressing issues, such as gender inequality. To this purpose, we will invite to Grounds scholars and artists actively committed to giving voice to women’s rights.