Siouan and Caddoan Languages Community-Scholars Gathering on Monacan Land

Spring 2022 Grant Recipient

Mark Sicoli (Anthropology) and Armik Mirzayan (Anthropology)

CGII funds support participation by Tribal citizens in the Siouan-Caddoan Languages Conference hosted at Brooks Hall May 27–29, 2022. The conference gathers linguists and community members around questions of language description, pedagogy and revitalization and works to develop more cooperation between the UVA and Tribal nations. Funds compensate Monacan drummers, singers, and dancers, for transportation and accommodation of Tribal citizens, including family of the late Karenne Wood (Monacan, UVA PhD, Anthropology) attending for a tribute to her work in Siouan linguistics. These funds are especially helpful as we manage this conference as a hybrid event including UVA undergraduate assistants.