Research Institute on Immigration, Roma (CSER)

Spring 2017 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Nicole Bonino (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) My dissertation project is focused on the Italian migration to Argentina. The phase from 1870 to 1914 enormously contributed to the formation of new vernacular linguistic and cultural forms. These movements, with their material legacies and linguistic creativity in Latin America and Southern Europe, connected with diasporic communities throughout the Global South, have long been understudied, or at best have been investigated with a focus on the linguistic influence on the Argentinian variety without considering the Italian contribution to this process. The CGII Summer Grant will provide me with the great opportunity to investigate the historical context of these movements in theFondazione CentroStudiEmigrazione- Roma (CSER), an institution created in 1963 that studies the migration phenomena through an interdisciplinary approach considering the sociological, demographical, historical, economical, linguistic,and cultural aspects of human mobility.