The Problem of the Rebel Family, the Popular Socialist Party and the Cuban Revolution: The Vilar-Figueredo Case

Spring 2022 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Carlos Velazco Fernández (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)

Informed by the perspective of Global South studies, my project explores the ideological tensions within the Popular Socialist Party (PSP) between 1953 and 1954‒when the agendas of the PSP and the then emerging 26th of July Movement intersected for the first time in the Cuban public arena. The analysis of La vida comienza mañana [Life Begins Tomorrow], the unpublished memoir of Rita Vilar Figueredo, allows an intimate approach to the strategies of alliance between both organizations and their effects in a family of communists impacted by displacements to the United States and to the Soviet Union between 1930s-50s.