Migration and Ecocriticism in Latin American Literature

Fall 2019 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Nicole Bonino (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese)

The project “Migration and Ecocriticism in Latin American Literature” investigates the ways in which Latin American authors represent the effects of climate changes, the territorial modifications caused by deforestation and abuse of natural materials, and how this determines the spread of migratory movements. Specifically, it examines how endogenous and exogenous migratory phenomena affect the oceanic and urban landscape of Latin America, determining for example, the creation of unregulated residential areas, such as favelas, villas, and conventillos. The funds offered by the Center for Global Inquiry + Innovation (CGII) will allow me to conduct field research in Buenos Aires and Uruguay during the winter break 2019-2020. By interviewing first, second, and third generation immigrants in Argentina and Uruguay, and by collaborating with territorial associations, such as CIA Avellaneda and the Brickell Academy of Buenos Aires, I will examine the interconnections between the environment and migration.