Mapping Colonial Barcelona; spatial and cultural representations of an empire in eclipse.

Fall 2021 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Robert Sanchis Álvarez (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese) Archival investigation at Barcelona’s Historical Archive and the General Protocols Archive from 16th of May to 14th June, 2022, would help me tracing the cultural and economic networks that interlace in the documents sent and written through the last half of the 19th Century including transatlantic and transpacific Barcelona’s connection. I will focus in documents from Catalana General de Crédito and Compañia General Tabaco de Filipinas. Additionally I have made appointments to meet Dr. Rodrigo Alharilla, Associate Professor of History at University Pompeu Fabra and current coordinator of a research project on the Spanish participation in the slave trade and the legacy of slavery (1765-1886), Dr. Josep Delgado Ribas, full professor and expert on Empire and Cities at University Pompeu Fabra as well as Josep Maria Fradera, Full Professor of History at University Pompeu Fabra and coordinator of GRIMSE (The Research Group on Empires, Metropoles, and Extra-European Societies). Lastly, I will attend GRIMSE seminars in May and June 2022.