Making Art in Migration: From the Italian Colonization to the Argentine Tango (1880-1930)

Nicole Bonino, PhD Candidate (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese)

In a reality characterized by massive global movements, it is fundamental to understand the wide range of perspectives involving their different social actors by investigating, for instance, the connections between the socio-political realities of both the mother country and the target one, as they are embodied in literature. The funds offered by the Center for Global Inquiry + Innovation (CGII) will contribute to the completion of the fourth chapter of my doctoral dissertation based on the overlooked Italian attempt to colonize the Argentinian lands as a consequence of the nation building process of the 19th century. In addition, CGII will support my investigation in the archives of the Centro di Documentazione del MEDI (Genova) and the Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano (Torino). Finally, this grant will allow me to interview Alessandro Dutto, author of Vita di un emigrante (2013) and direct testimony of the Italian migration to Argentina. I intend to submit this interview to Mondi Migranti. Rivista di studi e ricerche sulle migrazioni internazionali, edited by Franco Angeli.