COVID Global Fund

This new fund seeks projects that respond to the special circumstances of global research in COVID times in two ways:

  1. Projects oriented to COVID and the global pandemic as an object of study/inquiry. All disciplinary approaches are welcome. Interdisciplinary approaches are especially encouraged.

  2. Projects oriented to novel ways of pursuing global research/inquiry in response to the constraints and changes of navigating a COVID world. All disciplinary approaches welcome. Interdisciplinary approaches are especially encouraged.

Proposals should be submitted to Tim Troy (tmt8w) as a single PDF via email.

Award Cycle: Rolling

Grant size ($): up to 7,500

Total funding available over academic year: up to $30,000.


Mission: The mission of the Center for Global Inquiry + Innovation (CGII) is to stimulate research addressing problems and challenges of global scale, scope, concern, perspective, and impact. “Global research/inquiry” is an elastic term that links the local and the planetary, aims to expand the compass and range of disciplinary commitments and possibilities, and seeks to promote collaboration among UVa colleagues and with colleagues beyond UVa and outside the U.S.

How to apply: Proposals should be a single document not exceeding three pages (excluding CVs), and should include the following:

  • Name of PI and all co-participants, with affiliations.

  • Title of Project. Total amount requested.

  • Proposed activity and research/inquiry significance.

  • Narrative of proposed use of funds (be specific).

  • Description of submitters’ contributions.

  • Timeline of proposed activity.

  • Statement of outcome (e.g., publication, outside grant proposal, performance/exhibition/installation, policy report or recommendation, creation of research tool) with time of expected realization.

  • Statement of how proposed activity will advance CGII’s mission.

  • Statement of IRB status.

  • Statement of co-funders, if any.

  • Budget and narrative, including a clear statement of how the project could go forward with less.

  • 1-2 page CV for PI.