Global Media Cultures Collaboratory

Spring 2021 GPOD Grant Recipient

Aswin Punathambekar (Media Studies) and Eli Carter (Spanish, Italian & Portuguese)

Since media studies began in the 1970s, its object of study has changed in fundamental ways.
Media were, at first, thought almost wholly within the frame of the nation-state, its national
politics and culture. Since then, the diffusion of continuing technological innovations, driven by
the world economy, has changed the media landscape beyond recognition, producing the digital
and globalized world that we inhabit today. Situated within this larger frame, the Global Media Cultures Collaboratory will bring together scholars with a shared interest in the rise of digital and mobile media technologies, the ongoing transformation of established media industries, and emergent forms of media practice and use that are reconfiguring socio-cultural, political, and economic terrains across the Global South.