Degrowth: A Spatial Investigation of Ownership in an Anti-accumulation Alternative

Spring 2023 GGR Recipient

Tessa Bryant (Architecture)

In the face of climate disaster and gross inequity, degrowth is a sociopolitical movement that proposes an alternative to the hegemony of capitalist economism and commodification, advocating for a collectively supportive, equitable and non-accumulative way of life. This grant will allow me to participate in the 9th International Degrowth Conference in Zagreb, which brings together a multi-dimensional network of academics, practitioners, politicians, artists, and activists to participate in the ‘decolonization of growth imaginaries’. Attending the Degrowth Conference will be an incredible opportunity to engage with the larger interdisciplinary and international degrowth community, gaining valuable insight of current research, movements, and multi-scalar perspectives as it pertains to a degrowth framework of the built environment. My goal in attending this conference is to enrich my expertise as a student and future practitioner of architecture to better understand how a degrowth framework can be applied to just architectural and urban futures.