Conceptualising and Creating a Digital Edition

Spring 2017 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Nora Benedict (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) I hope to use the tools and skills acquired from Jennifer Stertzer and Cathy Hajo's Digital Humanities Summer Institute course on "Conceptualising and Creating a Digital Edition" (June 5-9, 2017; University of Victoria, Canada)to begin work on a digital critical edition of one of Jorge Luis Borges's canonical works of non-fiction (_Otras inquisiciones_ 1952). In light of the fact that many of his essays were first published in newspapers, magazines, and literary journals prior to their incorporation into edited collections, it is essential to track the changes and variants between versions of his writings. What is more, the use of a digital medium for a critical edition also allows for a more complex presentation of graphic and lettered texts, as well as the potential to track and navigate multiple texts simultaneously. With the financial support from the Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation, I will be able to attend this course and gain key insight into the process of moving print editions to the digital realm, familiarity with new digital humanities tools, and information regarding copyright and distribution issues.