Comparing Migrant Health Policies in EU Countries with Migrant Health Outcomes

Spring 2016 Grant Recipient

Graduate Student

Claire Constance (Public Health Sciences) I will be working with the International Organization of Migration (IOM) in Geneva, Switzerland doing a comparative assessment of how migrant health policy in EU countries has effected migrant health outcomes over the past five years. I will be analyzing health and demographic data of refugees and asylum seekers generated through health assessments coordinated by IOM. I will evaluate the extent to which policies of EU countries have (1) addressed health vulnerabilities associated with migration (e.g. sexual violence and mental health), (2) minimized barriers to accessing health services, and (3) accounted for fundamental necessities of survival (e.g. housing, employment, food aid). The final outcome of my research will be a report with a ranking of the most effective migrant health policies in the EU and a set of future policy recommendations for governments that receive a low ranking.